Online Slots: Mistakes to avoid

Almost everyone is a fan of online slots, but that does not mean that everyone plays well. Of course we all play for the highest profit and making mistakes is part of it. Hopefully you will learn from this guide and will not do these mistakes again.

The big problem is that some players seem to pile up mistakes after mistakes, and they do not shy away from making the same mistake again the next time. If you really want to give your game a boost, know what mistakes to avoid before you start playing online slots.

The five most common mistakes with online slots.

1- Play with the lowest possible bet.
The so-called cautious players, who always play with a low bet to prevent any risk of a painful loss. Below the line it is perhaps the stupidest strategy to follow. No matter how much or little you bet, the chance of winning or losing remains the same.

When you start gambling, it generally means that you have enough money to take a gamble. Choose therefore to bet hard, because then you will enjoy extra when you take a jackpot. Once you win 20 euros or win 200 euros, it makes a big difference!

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2- Dodge the high jackpot slot machine.
Online slots machines with a high jackpot that everyone is already playing on, I shouldn’t play that. It is a thought that plays with many gamblers. I have a chance if there are thousands of other players active on the same slot. Of course! No matter how many players are active on a slot, you almost always have the same chance of winning.

Wouldn’t you bump yourself into the head if you run a chance on that one high jackpot? Many people unfortunately opt for online slots with fewer trimmings and a high RTP, but you can also find the lowest payouts here. That is generally not what we play for, right? Therefore, stop playing anxiously and immediately opt for a high jackpot. Preferably a progressive jackpot.

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3- You play exclusively on traditional slots.
As we all know, the range of online slots machines has changed considerably in recent decades. For example, there are various themed slots that are a lot more fun and diverse. However, not everyone is a fan of this; many players continue to opt for the traditional slot machine with 3 paylines.

There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but it does limit your options. The latest slot machines with unique themes provide a completely different kind of entertainment. In addition, these new slots still have the same game-play and payouts as traditional slots, only with a nicer features. For players who like challenge and new impetus, it is therefore also a must to opt for new themes.

4- Not playing because of the house advantage.
The higher the house advantage, the less likely players are to choose the slot. That is a classic mistake, because the online casino does win at the end of the day. The point is simply; are you ready to take risks for a higher profit? A higher house advantage simply means that it takes a little less time to lose your money.

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Fortunately, it works differently in practice; you just have every chance to win! Gambling is of course also taking a risk to win, not to ‘not lose’. The result is that you play more often and therefore get to know slots inside and out. Because of this you also discover that the house advantage does not mean everything.

5- Only choose online slots from ‘large’ software providers.
There are dozens of software providers in the online slots machines market; some big names, but also many new and unknown names. The pitfall is only to choose a slot machine from big names such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Play ‘n Go. In recent years, it is mainly the smaller names that still come with a unique offer.

The bigger names often come with the so-called ‘remakes’, existing slots with a slightly different twist. In addition, the RTP and the jackpots are often very worthwhile with smaller software providers. So why always choose the big names, when the smaller slots are sometimes more fun and are more profitable?

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