Progressive jackpots! When should you play them?

Almost every player has been tempted to take a chance on progressive jackpots. You know that there is a jackpot ready that can generate thousands or even millions.

Online Casinos with progressive jackpots are the kings and these are the best games if you ask me. Who is not familiar with the big names such as Mega Moolah, Major Millions and Arabian Nights? Mega Moolah has even managed to make it to the Guinness Book of Records with a jackpot worth 18.915.872 euros.

Large jackpots still fall annually and that is precisely why players continue to feel attracted to the progressive slots. That said, you obviously need a good dose of luck to grab the actual jackpot. What is the best time to take a chance on eternal fame?

When should you play progressive jackpots?

Starting gambling when the jackpot is at its highest level naturally offers the most charm. Deep inside, we still think ”it will fall soon”. Of course, everything revolves around progressive jackpots, including timing and amount. You will see that the volume of players increases as the jackpot gets higher and higher. This ‘snowball effect’ also ensures that the progressive jackpot rises even faster! This is also the moment that high rollers make their appearance.

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Only play if you have a budget.

When you start playing progressive jackpots, it is crucial to ensure that your budget allows you to play long enough. That means you don’t have to run out of your bankroll after 5 rounds. You will have to make a serious shot at the jackpot. It is therefore also important that you read yourself into the rules of the game itself. How does it work, which symbols are important and how do you activate the best features with the chance of high prices? Only when you know everything then you ready to play.

To help you on your way to determining your bankroll in combination with a good game-play, statistics are available per slot. These tell you, based on recent history, how much you at least have to bet to have a chance to win the absolute jackpot. However, it does not mean that with a small bet you have little chance of winning. The chances of winning become smaller if you can only play briefly. If you have found your favorite progressive jackpot, it is wise to look when the jackpot is high.

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We have to say that you don’t necessarily have to start when the jackpot is high. Even after a reset, or when the jackpot has fallen, winning the jackpot is a wonderful result. For yourself, however, it is more fun to play for the higher amounts. Do you want to keep track of how high the jackpot is per second? Check the websites of the relevant software provider of your favorite slot, providers Microgaming, NetEnt and PlayTech.

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Long ago.
It goes without saying that the chance of a winning jackpot increases as the jackpot has not fallen for ages. However, it means nothing at all, because the jackpot depends on timing. The chance of an absolute jackpot is and always remains ‘one in a million’. However, the paradox tells us that as time goes on, the chance of a direct hit increases. Do you see a progressive jackpot or a simple slot where the highest prize has not been awarded for ages? Time to bet!

Are you afraid that you will never win at progressive jackpots?

Some people are born with happiness, while others only seem to have misfortune. Are you the kind of person who only encounters accident in life? Don’t let it stop you from playing the progressive jackpot at an online casino. Even the most unfortunate players have been lucky. In fact, the players who entered the books will undoubtedly have won nothing for a very long time before they won the prize. The keeper wins, as long as the budget allows of course. Set the mind to 0, don’t be influenced and simply start gambling.

Create a special jackpot routine.

A fun way to play at a progressive jackpot without having to feel guilty or losing too much money is to set aside a certain amount. You can bet this amount and keep it there. This could be 100 spins per month or spins worth 200 euros per month; you name it. If you stick to the routine, it’s okay to lose on your own for a while. You can miss it right? Until one day you make a big hit, then the routine is not for nothing!

The jackpot often falls in unexpected places.

People sometimes think that they have to go to the biggest places in the world to experience ‘shot of luck’. Places like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo for example. Let it be that this is often not the place where a high jackpot can be celebrated. Of course, in places where more people play, you generally also see more winners running. But also more losers. It’s that simple. The biggest jackpots have fallen in places we had never heard of. It can also fall at your home while you are playing behind your computer or mobile.

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